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Do Your Students Have Good Cycle Sense and Skills on a Bicycle.

  • Do they regularly wear their safety approved bike helmet to school?
  • Do they consistently cross the road at the traffic lights?
  • Do they regularly check their bikes for wear and tear?
  • Do they know how to ride safely to and from school?
  • Do they know the basic road traffic rules?

 If you answered NO to any of the above questions, then read on…..

Cycle sales have now overtaken the sale of cars in Australia. Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular recreational activity and means of sustainable transport. As the number of participants increase, including school children, it is important that they are provided with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely ride a bike in the community.

Have Fun Bike Skills offer a comprehensive training package for schools that covers the fundamentals of bicycle riding skills and bike education. Apart from the benefit of being able to ride a bike safely and skilfully, and have a good knowledge of road safety, participants will benefit from increased fitness, improved coordination, balance and confidence. The program is also lots of FUN!

The Have Fun Bike Skills programs are based on the training materials provided by AustCycle which is Australia’s National cycling accreditation program. Go to:

The bike skills programs can be incorporated into a one off sports lesson, or into a series of progressive lessons tailored to suit the needs of the group. The following existing programs are available.

Example PROGRAM 1

Bike Skill Fundamentals               

While a minimum of 15 students is required, we limit the class sizes to 25 students.

This session is presented as a one off skills session of 90 mins in duration. It covers the following skills and knowledge components.

Bike and helmet check    Safety discussion   Environmental awareness discussion   basic skills

Programs can also include:  braking, cornering, road rules, scanning, basic bicycle maintenance,

Have Fun Bike Skills provides all the training equipment. Children to bring their own bikes and helmets.  We have bikes and helmets if required at extra cost. $7 per bike.

For more information please call John on 0419 795 586